REBEL SALUTE 2019  is actively preparing for the highly anticipated celebration of the 26th annual reggae festival to be held January 18 & 19 at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann, Jamaica. Rebel Salute is internationally known as one of Jamaica’s most cherished reggae festivals, not just because of the unique talent representing the country’s rich musical heritage but also the emphasis placed on cultural food, crafts and health related products available at the show.

Rebel Salute’s musical entertainment includes vignettes of upcoming stars as well as distinctive sets from Jamaica’s legendary performers showcasing Nyahbinghi, lovers rock, roots reggae, dancehall and more. Rebel Salute not only grows the careers of Jamaican talent, the festival inspires appreciation by a worldwide audience hungry for a taste of Jamaica’s authentic cultural roots.


UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recently designated Reggae music as a protected cultural treasure of Jamaica. This acknowledgement leaves no doubt about the relevance of reggae music in the overall identity of the country. ( Tony Rebel, founder and promoter of Rebel Salute has long over stood the significance of reggae music in relation to the cultural consciousness of the island. Reggae represents the voice of the people. It provides messages of hope, love and unity among a struggling nation that is only a microcosm of the larger world. Rebel Salute is designed with thoughts of culture, lifestyle and music.

Rebel Salute includes an educational component that inspires personal health and wellness by highlighting the agricultural fruits and vegetables alongside rows of local crafts including iconic representations of Rastafari livity. The festival’s vision is further realized through the Rebel Salute Foundation that helps support education for the country’s youth. (

In twenty six years, the festival has grown to two days and nights, the addition of the Herb Curb educating on the positive aspects of ganja. The move from Alligator Pond to Priory has made the festival more accessible for the audience and with greater amenities. For those who might want to take in a beautiful Jamaican experience, try visiting or camping at Cranbrook Flower Forest, a botanical garden area featuring, peacocks, ponds, waterfalls, a natural rain forest and sports facilities. (