Steel Pulse, Save Black Music, from Babylon the Bandit

“They tricked us with trinkets and beads
And tricked us right into slavery
Traditional customs
Crafts and arts
They put away in their museums
Oh, people, don’t you see the plot… Yeh
To take all we’ve got.
Got to save Black music
Fight to save sweet music now
Got to save Black music now
Let the music flow, oh Lord”

Rastafari in Jamaica

No one can argue that Reggae became the musical voice of black people oppressed on the island of Jamaica. The most prolific and outstanding cultural group of liberationists are Rastafarians who proudly claimed their African heritage under the most difficult of societal environments. Many travesties have been unleashed on the Rastafarian community along with extreme bias and discrimination. Through ninety years of hardship and injustice, Rastafarian elders have continued their faith, devotion and commitment to their personal livity and spiritual consciousness yet they have not been given societal respect thus creating a lifetime of hardships in the objective of self sufficiency.

Many Rastafarians, now 70 years and older are experiencing extreme challenges in finding adequate shelter, food and medicine. At the same time, reggae music has grown to international acclaim with people from many cultures taking on the persona of Rastafari. How does this happen when many at the same time turn a blind eye to the plight of the Incients? These are the founding fathers and mothers of Rastafari who have sacrificed and stayed strong in the face of mounting pressure from Babylon.

Rastafari Elders and Word Sound Power Collective

Word Sound Power Collective is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to mobilize the Rastafari community and other like-minded peoples to provide support to Rastafari Elders at home and abroad.  Support includes providing for basic needs like food, clothes and shelter as well as needs of a medical nature. The ultimate goal is to ensure the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and the infants cared for.

Since 2006, Word Sound Power Collective has raised over US$52,000 serving the Rastafarian communities for over 13 years. So far, over 80 male and female Rastafari elders have been helped. However, there are many needs on a day to day basis that require a major increase in funding.

More reading available at Word, Sound Power Collective

Majesty Media and Word Sound Power Collective

Majesty Media is a partnership of Lloyd Stanbury, Jamaican Entertainment Attorney and Music Business Consultant and Sista Irie, a thirty year veteran of the reggae music industry in many capacities. Majesty Media has donated it’s publicity services to raise awareness about the critical needs of Rastafari Elders. We recognize without their contribution to Jamaican society, reggae music and the artists who benefit may have never had the opportunities that have evolved today. We ask that Jamaican society, reggae artists from Jamaica and abroad, supporters of reggae music across the world and those who have sited up Rastafari livity, to please consider the elders as their family and help them survive in a kinder gentler world. They are in dire need and deserve our attention.

Please consider a donation large or small: