Kevor Williams is a well loved singer in the reggae community.

His fame rose quickly as ‘Var’ lead singer for Pentateuch Movement, and more recently while touring with the beloved ‘Inna De Yard’ project. Var now emerges as a first class solo artist, recording on his own label, Hillsman Records. ‘JAH LOVE’ a single released in May, reveals his haunting, captivating voice embraced by the spiritually rooted messages bound by Rastafari livity.

‘JAH LOVE’ is an exquisite soulful ballad infused with an acoustic prayer of thankfulness. Var’s musical journey opens the doors of devotion by reggae fans whose communion of life is that of Rastafari prophecy and vision.

Var’s inspiration comes from his Maroon heritage guiding a deeply seeded consciousness fulfilled by organic farming and natural living. Serious reggae fans will immediately sense the depth of Var’s musical style, blending his love of the land with the deep joyous fulfillment of a musical heart. Rastafari is not material wealth but spiritual enrichment generated by soulful communion with the Creator and nature.

“As an artist who loves farming and stands for equal rights and justice it is my mission to plant and chant down this system of inequality among color, class and race.” VAR

“In true Rastafarian ideology, my music perpetuates the mission of Rastafari to “Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected, and the infants cared for.” VAR

‘JAH LOVE’ is churchical in delivery and goes deep into the spirit of revelation. Var is accompanied by Shaquir McQueen on guitar, while singing a beautiful psalm of praise in tribute to the infinite love of the Almighty. ‘JAH LOVE,’ the first single in an upcoming EP, was recorded at Small World Studio and co-produced and mixed at Supow, a recording studio operated by singer and producer Patrice Bart-Williams, a Sierra Leonean-German singer-songwriter and music producer.

Majesty Media invites you to experience this spiritual journey into the world of Jah Creation. The video produced and recorded in the hills of Portland by Emmy Lou Mai.